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Prosthodontist 07055

Do you experience stiffness, pain or discomfort in your jaw? If so, you may want to visit your prosthodontist 07055 to determine the precise underlying cause of your symptoms. At the office of Howard I. Deutsch DDS, our specialty-trained prosthodontist performs a range of advanced services to diagnose, treat and restore optimal dental function and beauty to your smile.

Prosthodontist 07055

Issues relating to the jaw pain sometimes point to an underlying TMJ jaw-joint disorder. The TMJ is the joint connecting the lower jaw to the temporal bone at the side of the head. On its own, the TMJ is a complicated joint, combining hinge and sliding motions together for complex movement. Unfortunately, when problems affect the TMJ, your everyday routine can suddenly become an ordeal. Patients with TMJ commonly report experiencing pain, clicking, popping, stiffness or discomfort of the jaw when eating, speaking and performing other essential tasks throughout the day. As a highly experienced prosthodontist 07055, Dr. Deutsch is equipped to assess your jaw issue and provide the appropriate care. There are a variety of possible underlying causes of TMJ, ranging from malocclusions to the chronic grinding of teeth—a condition called bruxism. Every case is unique and Dr. Deutsch will keep you well-informed about what to expect before, during and after treatment. With over 25 years of experience and specialty-trained in treating the most complex issues relating to reconstructive, restorative and implant dentistry, you can trust in our prosthodontist to deliver the best possible outcome. Our greatest reward is putting a smile back on our patients’ faces!

To learn more about how our prosthodontist 07055 can assess the nature of your jaw issues and provide a quality course of care, we welcome your call. Our office remains open throughout the week until 6pm for your scheduling convenience. To get started, please contact our friendly staff today!

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